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 Comparative analysis of the strategy process and management and leadership practices of leading IT firms (Accenture, Cisco, Hewlett Parckard, IBM, Intel, Oracle, Nokia, SAP, etc...):

 Strategic Agility and global innovation:

Detailed process analysis of Strategic Agility at Nokia:

Reflections on business model innovation and strategic agility:

Reflection on the use of language in strategy formulation and strategic agility:

Application of Strategic Agility concepts to the effectiveness of governments and public management: 

          Link to (A) Case: The case describes how leadership unity was achieved and maintained across party lines between 1999 and 2007. It also analyzes the policy development and resource allocation processes put in place in the devolved government of Scotland, as well as a series of organizational innovations fostering resource allocation fluidity. Finally, the case describes how this more united and flexible approach to public governance made a more strategic policy process feasible.

          Link to (B) Case: The case describes how effective leadership in times of a significant shift in Scotland's political landscape helped achieve organizational and cultural transformation, and move towards a more unified approach to government between 2007 and 2011. It features the change process as well as a series of action to mobilize fragmented constituencies around strategic objectives that cut across policy areas. Finally, it shows how collective commitment and belief in the change as well as shared values in the pursuit of the public interest made the process of building a more strategically agile public administration feasible.

Implication of Strategic Agility for individual behaviours and personal leadership skills:

A Story:

Napoléon, the Inventor of Strategic Agility ?