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Governments for the future: Building the Strategic & Agile State.

(SITRA studies) Doz Y., & Kosonen M.

In the rapidly changing, uncertain, complex, and interdependent world, a new strategic model of public sector governance needs to emerge. A government with a strong capacity to create and implement policy is essential to any country. It must resolve the problems that confront the hierarchical and incremental policymaking approaches. This report provides useful insight, and proposes a framework to public sector leaders, both politicians and civil servants, on how to manage the process towards a more strategically agile state at an acceptable level of risk.

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Fast Strategy

The key to bridging your global innovation gap... In today's global economy, it would be short-sighted to rely solely on local resources for new-product innovations. Instead, knowledge and activity critical to innovation most likely lie outside your company's home territories--sometimes far outside. And this distance makes it harder than ever to obtain and integrate these resources, eating away at your competitive edge. How to tackle this challenge? In "Managing Global Innovation," INSEAD's Yves L. Doz and Keeley Wilson show you how to build and leverage a global innovation network. Drawing on extensive research and real-life company examples, they walk you through a set of practical frameworks for acquiring and integrating innovation-critical knowledge from multiple sources. You'll learn to optimize your innovation footprint, improve communication and receptivity, and enhance collaboration in order to succeed on a global scale. Based on in-depth research within more than three dozen corporations--including Citibank, Essilor, GE, GlaxoSmithKline, HP Labs, HP Singapore, Nokia, Novartis, Shiseido, Siemens, Snecma, Synopsys, and Xerox--this book bridges theory and practice. "Managing Global Innovation" gives you the tools to harness critical expertise from around the globe--and channel it into your innovation programs.

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Research Fellow Keeley Wilson on Managing global innovation, 8 November 2012


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