Strategic Management Society

Strategic Management Society

"Strategies in an Uncertain World"
Strategic Management Society
Washington, D.C., US, 11-14 October 2009

Keynote Presentation: "The Future of Strategy"
Yves Doz, INSEAD and CK Prahalad, University of Michigan


Each panelist will provide a brief introduction, each from a distinct perspective: strategy process, strategic agility, and the dynamics of strategy and adaptation (Yves Doz) and a perspective on global governance, public-private collaboration in addressing global issues, and the need for governance innovation (CK Prahalad). This will be followed by a dialogue among the three panelists and an open conversation with the audience.

Paper to be presented: "The Languages of Strategy: Trapped in your Jargon or Lost in Translation?", Yves Doz and Mary Yoko Brannen

The quality of the language a firm uses in creating strategy conditions its strategic agility. We have observed firms be overly dependent on a context-specific language and find it difficult to move beyond the territory they know well and often the business domains they created. Conversely we also observed firms over confident in the conceptual richness of their language make bold strategic moves ignoring, at their own risk, the potential lack of fit between their strategic concept and the contexts they venture into. In order to be strategically agile firms need to use a language that combines contextual specificity and conceptual richness. We point to how firms can overcome conceptual abstraction and contextual dependency to exploit language as an enabler of strategic agility.


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