Conference on open Innovation and Renewal

Conference on open Innovation and Renewal

Center for Knowledge and Innovation Research
Conference on open Innovation and Renewal
Helsinki School of Economics, Finland, 20-22 August 2007

The presentation : "Strategy as Open Innovation: Fostering Strategic Sensitivity"
Presentation focused on how strategic innovation happens, why maturing companies clam up and how to regain strategic sensitivity.

Why Maturing companies clam up

Strategic Innovation, the discovery not just of new products and processes, but of completely new business systems - ways to create value and to position oneself for value capture in a complex value creation constellation, or ecosystem - lies at the heart of strategic agility. Yet, as they mature, incumbent companies, and industry leaders in particular, lose that capability: they clam up to the outside world and become increasingly strategically rigid. In the same way as product innovations benefit from accessing diverse sources of knowledge and innovative ideas from all around the world, strategic innovation benefits from opening the strategy development process to new voices, externally and internally. Externally, customers, partners, other ecosystem participants can become voices -and brains- in the strategy process. Conversations around core assumptions, critical technology and market development roadmaps, or new emerging market definitions can help widen the strategic perspective of a company, and trigger new innovative ideas.
Creating a more open, more participative deeper strategy development process internally, bringing the "best and the brightest" in the organization to contribute can turn the strategy process into an exciting creative event, rather than the dreadful boring yearly form-filling routine it degenerates into at too many companies. A stronger more disciplined dialogue at the top, around strategic issues in a common corporate issue agenda can help key executive transcend their subunit perspective and allow the discussion to escape the sadly predictable routine of "where you stand depends on where you sit". These themes, focused on regaining strategic sensitivity through improving the quality of strategy making process were developed by Professor Doz.



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