CKIR Workshop on Leadership and Governance Innovation

CKIR Workshop on Leadership and Governance Innovation

"The Agile Leader as a Fusion Point"
CKIR Workshop on Leadership and Governance Innovation, Helsinki School of Economics
Heslinki, Finland, 26-28 August 2009. ( See the Pdf file )


The 2009 CKIR conference brought together international and domestic thought leaders with the key stakeholders of business, academy and public sector. The conference explored and discussed the ongoing profound transformation in the world economy and its implications for the leadership and governance of private, public and civic sectors of the society.

The conference aimed at continuously explore, learn and develop new leadership and governance concepts to better meet the needs of sustainable life, wellbeing and long term wealth creation in the transforming economy.
In the paper "The Agile Leader" presented at the CKIR conference, Yves Doz and Mary Yoko Brannen frame and build the discussion of the core competencies of strategic agility (strategic sensitivity, resource fluidity and leadership unity), skills and behaviors as a series of questions leaders need to ask themselves :

1. As a manager acting in context -in the organizational context of a particular company, and in the strategic context of individual strategic decisions-- how can I best contribute to strategic agility? And what demands does it put on me? What skills, personal competencies, and behaviors do I need to learn and practice, and how? And how do they fit together in a new competency profile for executives of strategically agile companies?

2. As that manager what actions can I take to cultivate the appropriate behaviors and acquire, develop and hone the needed skills?

The presentation (and draft paper) develops a leadership skills and behaviors profile for executives of strategically agile companies.



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