Academy of Management Meeting

Academy of Management Meeting

"Strategic agility and Corporate Renewal"
Academy of Management Meeting
Philadelphia, US, 7 August 2007

Panel session: Strategic Agility and Corporate Renewal

Yves Doz; INSEAD
Robert A Burgelman, Stanford University
Anne S. Huff, Technische Univ. München
Mikko Kosonen, Nokia Corporation
Michael L. Tushman, Harvard U.
Wendy K. Smith, U. of Delaware
Gabriel Szulanski, INSEAD

From Strategic Paralysis to Strategic Agility

Strategic Agility is increasingly called for by corporate leaders, for instance Pekka Ala-Pietilä, the former President of Nokia saying "Five to 10 years ago you would set your vision and strategy and then start following it. That does not work any more. Now you have to be alert every day, week and month to renew your strategy" (Financial Times, 4 December 2006). Yet strategic agility remains an elusive ambition. It is a real conundrum for CEOs, and an oxymoron for academic researchers. Beyond the well established exploration-exploitation dilemma, or the concept of ambidextrous organization, this symposium explored, building on a large volume of empirical research performed by the various panelists, how corporate leaders can strive for strategic agility. The symposium argued that leadership capabilities are the cornerstone of strategic agility, and that the long-term successful evolution and adaptation of firms is a function of the skills and behaviors of their leaders. Various panelists brought diverse perspectives -cognition, emotion, strategy process, organizational theory, interfirm collaboration, and entrepreneurship- to bear on the same question :how can Strategic Agility be achieved and what are the most critical levers of leadership that foster Strategic Agility?



Strategic Agility - How strategic agility will help you stay ahead of the game