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Yves Doz is the Solvay Chaired Professor of Technological Innovation at INSEAD and a Professor of Strategic Management. Yves has taught at Harvard Business School, Stanford's Graduate School of Business and Aoyama Gakuin University in Tokyo. He has researched and published widely on the strategy and organization of multinational companies. His previous books include The Multinational Mission, with C.K Prahalad, From Global to Metanational, with Jose Santos and Peter Williamson, Fast Strategy, with Mikko Kosonen, and most recently Managing Global Innovation with Keeley Wilson.
Yves also has business experience and has consulted for many major corporations, advising then on the development of new growth opportunities and designing and implementing competitive revitalization programs.  Click here to see Professor Doz' full profile.

Mikko Kosonen, PhD (Econ), is President of the Finnish Innovation Fund, Sitra. Kosonen joined Sitra as Senior-Vice President responsible for Innovations and New Solutions unit in August 2007. 
Before joining  Sitra Mikko Kosonen worked for over twenty years in Nokia. His responsibilities covered many areas in Finland and abroad, most recently the roles of CIO and SVP, Corporate Planning from 1997 onwards.
Additionally, he is the author of many articles printed in business and research publications on the subject of international business, strategy, organization and knowledge management. He is the co- author with Professor Yves Doz of the June 2007 HBR article 'The New Deal at the Top' and the book (Nov 2007) 'Fast Strategy: How Strategic Agility Helps You Stay Ahead of the Game'.

Dr. Nira Adler, a guest researcher at INSEAD, has conducted research with Prof. Doz and Dr. Kosonen on the subject of Strategic Agility measurements and the link between Strategic Agility and organizational innovation and performance. In this study a quantitative tool was successfully developed and is further being tested for the benefit of companies and governments worldwide.
Dr. Adler is a senior consultant with extensive experience with organizational transformations, working with management teams leading high impact strategic changes. Dr. Adler has been successful working with organizations both in the private and public sectors, in developing and executing complex strategic processes. Her major experience in the public sector has been with governmental entities and ministries, including the prime minister's office.

"The strategically agile organization: development of a measurement instrument", a Dissertation presented to the Faculty of California School of Professional psychology, Francisco Campus, Alliant International University February 2012.