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  •  Watch INSEAD Knowledge interview with INSEAD Professor Yves Doz and Sr. 
    Research Fellow Keeley Wilson on Managing global innovation, 8 November 2012. Url )




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  • Interview with Yves Doz, Ivey Business Journal, February 2011Url )
  • From Information to Innovation: International top names of the information sector arrive in Finland, Marketwire, 12 May 2010 Url )
  • "Faster; Higher, Stronger: Collaborative networks offer companies opportunities to gain new insights. To succeed, cooperation requires flexibility and the willingness to see things from a counterpart's point of view". Interview of Yves Doz by Risto Pennanen, Water Link 3/2009, Kemira Magazine, Fall 2009 Url )
  • "Manager@Work: Staying ahead of the game", The Edge Singapore, 30 March 2009
  • "Yves Doz: The Need for Strategic Agility", The Globe and Mail, 30 December 2008. (US)Url )
  • "L'entreprise Agile: Développer la capacité de reaction de ses equipes", Manageris, N°171a, 2008. ( Url )
  • "Crise: s'abriter ou rebondir, il faut choisir", Muriel Jasor, Les Echos, 5 December 2008. ( Url )
  • "Nokia Fosters ‘Instability'" by Phred Dvorak - Wall Street Journal US - 16 June 2008. ( Url )
  • "Changer de ‘Business Model' n'est pas une sinecure", Muriel Jasor, Les Echos, 7 April 2008 (FRANCE).( Url )
  • "Le secret des centenaires", Philippe Escande, Les Echos, 2 April 2008 (FRANCE). Article on the longevity of firms. Second part on book. ( See the Pdf file 78 ko )
  • "Fast Strategy: Staying ahead of the Game", The Jakarta Post, 19 March 2008 (MALAISIA).
    ( Url Reprinted from a Knowledge article )
  • "Aiguiser son agilité stratégique", Issue 183, Business Digest, March 2008 (FRANCE).
    Synthesis of book, grid to assess agility, and interview of Andrea Cuomo, STMicro.
  • "How agile is your strategy process?", Issue 15, Strategy Magazine, March 2008 (EUROPE). Special report.
    ( See the Pdf file 184 ko )
  • "Fast Strategy", Richard Cree, Director, 1st March 2008. Very short summary and review of book.
  • Article in Talouselama, 29 February 2008 (FINLAND). This is the equivalent of Business Week in Finland. The article talks about Nokia's 'New Deal at the Top' which is in line with the framework developed by Yves and Mikko in Fast Strategy. Translation ongoing.( See the Pdf file 61 ko )
  • "Olli-Pekka's own team is coming", Anna-Liisa Lilius, Talouselämä, 29 February 2008 (FINLAND), This article originally published in the leading Finnish business weekly, Talouselämä nr. 8/2008 under the title: "TÄSSÄ TULEE OLLI-PEKAN OMA TIIMI". ( Url )
  • "Tirer le meilleur parti de l'agilité stratégique: Faire la course entête". ( See the Pdf file 1097 ko )
    Trends and Tendance, 28 February 2008 (BELGIUM magazine). This is drawn from the interview of the authors done for INSEAD knowledge.
  • "The New Deal at the Top", The Jakarta Post, 20 February 2008.
    Reprinted from Knowledge article (MALAYSIA) ( Url )
  • "Manager@Work: Secret to strategic SUCCESS" by By Morgen Witzel, The Edge Malaysia (Weekly), 28 January 2008, reprinted from the Financial Times.
  • "Academics queue to publish and be hailed", Stuart Crainer, The Times, 23 January 2008 (EUROPE). ( Url )
    Book is featured as one of the impressive stream of business school-produced books this year.
  • "Get in training for strategic excellence", Morgen Witzel, Financial Times, 17 January 2008 (EUROPE). ( Url )
  • "Johtaja, opi ketteräksi", Fakta, December 2007 (FINLAND). Inteview of Mikko Kosonen.
  • "Finland needs Nokia agility" - Interview of Mikko Kosonen, Talouselämä, December 14, 2007 (FINLAND).
    ( See the Pdf file 55 ko )
    This article was originally published in the leading Finnish business weekly, Talouselämä, nr. 43/2007, under the title: "SUOMI TARVITSEE NOKIAN NOTKEUTTA" ( Url )



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